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Urban Physiology, LLC 

About Us 

Urban Physiology is the brainchild of Leroy Carson, Jr., an engaged scholar trained at the J. Mack Robinson college of business at Georgia State University. Born out of the global 2020 pandemic and its summer of civil unrest, Urban Physiology serves as a conduit for repurposing societal focus through cultural engagement aimed at peace, steadying economies, and uniting people. Urban Physiology raises its own capital to foster cultural events and community business development, and provide exposure for independent artists, fashionistas, musicians, and restauranteurs. We invite individual and corporate sponsorship to lend their support, voice, and brands to activities that reimagine and launch initiatives providing an enhanced global tree to engage in the commerce of culture whose fruits are peace, love, empowerment, and societal enrichment. . 

We welcome you all to the cultural exchange. 

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