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Urban Physiology, LLC 

Elizabeth (Beth) Jackson-Hodges 

If Atlanta, Georgia, that is also considered to be the Black Mecca by many people, had an African American royal family, Elizbeth (Beth) Jackson-Hodges would be in line to be the next queen. She is the oldest daughter of the first black mayor of Atlanta, Georgia and of any major city in the South, Maynard Jackson. While the whole family is revered, Beth sought to create her own legacy and has been a huge force in architecting some of the most spectacular events featuring both musical legends and new trends in R&B, Blues and Jazz music. Her insights and intuition have produced countless amazing musical encounters from an impressive collection of musical giants. Some of the artists that she has worked with are:
•    Frankie Beverly & Maze 
•    Chaka Khan
•    Roy Ayres 
•    Erykah Badu
•    Charlie Wilson 
•    The SOS Band 
•    Peabo Bryson 
•    Gladys Night 
•    Patti LaBelle 
Just to name a few. Based out of Washington, DC. Beth is a go-to person to make musical magic happen.  

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